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MSA Business Systems is located in South-East Queensland's Redlands Shire. Our primary objective is to help businesses and organisations develop affordable database solutions that meet your business needs. We specialise in providing customised software with full integration with MS-Word and MS-Excel.

MSA Business Systems distribute and support our own software applications, in particular CTM Legal to legal office professionals, and our consultation software MCDBase to counselling professionals. We also supply a range of MS-Word training "How To" manuals.

MSA Business Systems do understand that cost is an issue therefore we license our software, which allows us to offer cost effective business solutions. This simply means you cannot on-sell applications, as we utilise previously created modules for our other clients.

MSA Business Systems was built from 'practical experience'. We have a broad range of contacts and support available to you, and over 20 years experience in office and business procedures. We pride ourselves in being able to help individuals, organisations and businesses with pro-active advice and initiative.




Our areas of expertise have included the design and development of :

  • Purchasing database - monitoring of purchases for Ramset Fasteners.
  • Inventory and purchasing database - for dangerous goods at UQ Chemistry Dept.
  • Consultation database - for psychologists and school counsellors.
  • Various databases for the Brisbane School of Distance Education –
  • Enrolments processing and student ‘record of contact’ database

  • Order and despatch system

  • User criteria reports database

  • Central admin control database to control and close all other databases

  • Customised databases for use by individuals and small businesses.

  • Legal profession matter management and administration database.
  • Document management
  • Training Services
  • Creating and supplying office procedure manuals
  • Much of our work deals with refining, upgrading and maintaining existing databases